In Florensac, the markets on Place de la République help to liven up the heart of the town

In Florensac, the markets on Place de la République help to liven up the heart of the town

Jean-Louis et Berthe retrouvent une clientèle fidèle sur le marché de Florensac. Midi Libre – RENE FERRANDO

The town of Florensac offers two markets throughout the year. They are standing on the Place de la République. On Tuesday, there is a traditional market which awaits customers from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. On Saturday, same place and same times, street traders offer a wide range of local products. These two events help to liven up the heart of the city.

"We have the pleasure of meeting again and, above all, we can do business", says Sabine, approved by Roselyne and Marlène. The three friends are from Florensac and, for nothing in the world, they would not miss the town's market. So, every Tuesday, they walk around the Place de la République where the traditional (clothing) market is held. "We always find something to buy", adds Marlène.

"We find families from generation to generation"

Nearly fifteen traders set up their stands this Tuesday. Jean-Louis and Berthe are among them. The couple is from Pézenas and travels across the region to offer their children's clothing. They also do not fail to be present in Florensac. "The advantage, underlines Jean-Louis, is that the pitches are free on Tuesdays. This is rare whereas in other markets, the price of tickets is significantly increasing." At a time of inflation and the increase in fuel prices, this free service is welcome. Jean-Louis adds: "We know the mayor, Vincent Gaudy. His godfather sold in the markets, his uncle too." Hence certainly this boost for the itinerant traders who, at the same time, liven up the heart of the town with their presence. Jean-Louis and Berthe can count on a loyal clientele. "We find families from generation to generation", indicates Berthe.

"Young people don't come to the market"

A little further on, another merchant sells clothing, particularly for men. For him, "everything gets complicated. Before, I came with my dad. There were more people, the market was bigger. Today, young people do not come to the market. People prefer to order online". At the bottom of Place de la République, Axel, specializing in household linen, points out the fact that "food is separate. It takes place on Saturday". Another observation: "There are fewer and fewer traders selling household linen. We are in the process of disappearing." For her part, Valérie displays her satisfaction behind her stall which offers a multitude of jewelry. "In Florensac, I am the only one who makes jewelry. A small market without competition is better than a large one with other traders doing the same thing."

Florensac offers two markets throughout the year on Place de la République, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday, traditional market (clothing) and Saturday, food market.   I subscribe to read more

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