In France will be fined for excessive barking dogs

                                Во Франции будут штрафовать за чрезмерный лай собак

Monday dog owners in the town of Fekler in the North of the country can receive a fine of 68 euros for the “prolonged or repeated barking” Pets.

Mayor Jean-Pierre Estienne said that the ban was imposed in response to the fact that dogs “bark day and night” and create “an intolerable situation”.

“Our goal is not to ban dogs and we will not penalize people for the slightest hint of a bark. The city has nothing against dogs, but when you decide to start, you need to train,” said Estienne.

The Ordinance prohibits leaving dogs in confined areas, if there are no owners to prevent “prolonged or repetitive barking”.

Express info by country

France (French Republic) – a country in Western Europe.

                                Во Франции будут штрафовать за чрезмерный лай собак


                                Во Франции будут штрафовать за чрезмерный лай собак

Coat of arms

                                Во Франции будут штрафовать за чрезмерный лай собак

The Capital – Paris

Largest cities: Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, nice

Form of government Presidential– parliamentary Republic

Territory – 674 685 km 2 (48th in the world)

The population is 64.5 million people (22nd in the world)

The official language is French

Religion – Catholicism

HDI – 0,888 (22nd in world)

GDP – $2,829 trillion (6th in the world)

Currency – Euro

Borders: Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Spain,


Barking dogs should also be kept inside if their behavior “interferes with rest or relaxation” someone from the 1400 residents of the town.

The decree was adopted after the petition is filed because of one particular resident. “She has a few dogs, some large. We made several attempts to establish a dialogue with it, but to no avail,” — said Estienne.

This decision was criticized by animal advocates. “With the same success you can prevent the ringing of Church bells on Sunday morning. If dogs have mouths, so they may bark,” — said the President of the Association of animal rights Stephen Lamar.

As reported by “Around the world. Ukraine”, in Russia, dogs are forbidden to bark on weekends and holidays.

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