In front of the Bataclan in Paris, 200 police officers against accusations of racism

Devant le Bataclan à Paris, 200 policiers contre les accusations de racisme

More than 200 police officers gathered Friday evening in front of the hall of concerts at the Bataclan in Paris, a symbolic place of the attacks of November 13, 2015, to protest against the accusations of violence and racism against their profession.

Several dozen vans, motorcycles, and cars blocked the street in front of the concert hall, said a journalist of theAFP. In civilian clothes or in uniform, weapon belt, the police have filed their handcuffs in silence on the floor, before singing the French national anthem as a sign of protest.

“It refutes the accusations of violence and pseudo-racism”, has blown one of the participants, under the cover of anonymity. “We do not understand to have been acclaimed at the time of the attacks and to be singled out today.”

During the attacks of 13 November 2015, two police officers had been the first to intervene at the Bataclan, room where 90 people were killed. They had killed one of the assailants.

The officials present on Friday have also denounced a lack of support from their department.

“Our hierarchy let us down by grazing on the public way,” said a police officer. “They ask us many things, they do not give us means and after they spit on it. (…) They want to have us remove key bottlenecks, but what is the alternative? If it is done on someone, it is that this person is not very tractable”.

Since his speech of June 8, during which he announced the end of the teaching of a method of questioning the so-called “stranglehold”, the Interior minister Christophe Castaner must face the wrath of the police.

Several rallies have taken place in the past two weeks in France, especially in Paris as well as in front of the Arc de Triomphe and the business district of la Defense, with deposits of handcuffs in the guise of symbolic protest.

When you move, the minister insisted Friday on “the respect” due to the police and has reinsured its support.

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