In Georgia, a the VAZ-2106 stood on the balcony of 27 years

В Грузии ВАЗ-2106 простоял на балконе 27 лет

In Tbilisi withdrew from the balcony, which had stood for 27 years VAZ-2106,VAZ-2106 Car was taken off the balcony of the fourth floor of a residential building in Tbilisi, the car, which was never used for the purpose, stood there for 27 years and became one of the main attractions of the area, writes the with reference to AVTOVAZ

Rezo Enukidze bought a car in 1991, and the first night the attackers stripped him of the wheel. The man was so upset that with the help of a crane put the vases on the balcony of his apartment in Digomi district district.

“The car will remain here until better times”, – he explained the neighbors.

Or better times never came, or have the machine at hand Enukidze liked it, but she really never used it. Thus the man constantly washed and cleaned it, but never bought new wheels. This lasted until his death a year and a half ago.

Neighbors Enukidze believe that relatives, who directed nearly new car, sell it as a rarity to some collector.

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