In Greenland found another giant impact crater

В Гренландии найден еще один гигантский ударный кратер

The crater diameter exceeds 35 kilometers.

Researchers at NASA have discovered under the ice of Greenland education which, presumably, could be an impact crater. As noted on the Agency’s website, object hidden under the almost two-kilometer layer of ice, reports the online edition of the with reference to

In November of 2018, scientists from the University of Copenhagen announced the discovery of the first impact crater whose diameter was more than 30 kilometers. The object was the first impact crater on Earth, which was found under the ice. The new crater is located at a distance of 180 kilometers from the previous one, according to the researchers, they were formed at different times.

As the scientists, if they manage to confirm that the second object is indeed a consequence of a meteorite impact, he will be 22 the largest impact crater on Earth.

Before the discovery of the first crater, Hiawatha, researchers believed that most of the evidence of impacts on Greenland and Antarctica has been erased by erosion. When scientists discovered the Hiawatha, they decided to explore the area with the help of radar. It turned out that at a distance of 180 kilometers is another object, which may be an impact crater. According to researchers, age of the facility is at least 100 thousand years.

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