In Iceland, there was an unusual hotel made of transparent bubbles. Video

В Исландии появился необычный отель из прозрачных пузырей. Видео

You can sleep in these modules and look at the forest and Northern lights.

If you are looking for a hotel to be something more than a toilet and a place to sleep, you should try to sleep in a bubble in the middle of the forest, according to the with reference to the Informant.

This is no exaggeration: the Icelandic hotel “5 million star” (The 5 Million Star Hotel) offers to spend the night in a room with transparent walls and ceiling in the wild. Over you – the sea of stars, and if you’re lucky – the Northern lights. The rooms here are, of course, minimalist, but the chance to comfortably see the Northern lights is unique.

Something similar offers the only Finnish Arctic resort, Saariselka (Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort). The founder of the hotel “5 million star” Robert Robertson said: “actually it all started when I helped travellers to 2-3 years ago to plan trips on Northern lights here in Iceland. One evening I called one of my clients who participated in one of the traditional tours of the Northern lights. They got to the mountain, and, as is often the case, waited and waited in the freezing cold weather. Freezing the client asked me on the phone: “Robert, Robert, this is crazy. I freeze here to death (he’s probably not dressed warm enough). You don’t know of a hotel here where I can just lay in your warm bed and watch the Northern lights through a glass roof?”

And Robertson gave this hotel! Bubbles provide warmth and comfort to see the Northern lights in the winter in nature. They are heated and located near the building with bathroom and kitchen.

The hotel is situated just over an hours drive from Reykjavik. You can just rent a room or book a full tour of the “Golden ring” and go to your bubble in a luxury SUV. Prices for a night under the stars range from $248 to $291.


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