[IN IMAGES] Chaos in Brazil: supporters of ex-president Jair Bolsonaro invade places of power

[IN PICTURES] Chaos in Brazil: supporters of the ex-president sident Jair Bolsonaro invade places of power


Hundreds of supporters of far-right ex-President Jair Bolsonaro invaded Congress, the presidential palace and the Supreme Court in Brasilia on Sunday, a week after the inauguration of leftist President Lula whose election they refuse. 

A veritable human tide of demonstrators dressed in yellow and green stormed the main places of power of the country in Brasilia, found the AFP, impressive images reminiscent of the invasion of the Capitol in Washington in January 2021.

On social networks, we can see videos showing the damaged offices of parliamentarians or demonstrators standing on the seats of the Senate hemicycle.

The damage seems considerable, in these buildings which are treasures of modern architecture and full of works of art.

The area near the Square of the Three Powers, where the Presidential Palace of Planalto, the Supreme Court and the Congress meet, had however been cordoned off by the authorities, but the bolsonarists managed to break the security cordons.

The police, who seemed completely overwhelmed, tried unsuccessfully to push them back with tear gas.

“This absurd attempt to impose a will by force is not going to prevail. The government of the Federal District (of Brasilia) will send reinforcements and the forces we have are acting”, declared on Twitter Flavio Dino, Minister of Justice and Public Security.

On Saturday, Mr. Dino had authorized the deployment of agents of the National Force, a special police force sometimes sent to the various states in the event of a threat to law and order.

Request for military intervention

“We have to restore order after this fraudulent election,” said Sarah Lima, a 27-year-old probolsonaro engineer from Goianesia, 300 km from Brasilia, to an AFP journalist present on the spot.


Lula, 77, was absent from Brasilia on Sunday: he went to Araraquara, a city in the state of Sao Paulo (southeast) devastated by floods at the end of the year.

Bolsonarists had already been demonstrating in front of military barracks since the narrow defeat of the outgoing far-right president against Lula on October 30. 

They demanded the intervention of the army to prevent the latter from return to power for a third term, after those from 2003 to 2010. Some of them also blocked roads for more than a week after the election.

Jair Bolsonaro, who never congratulated Lula on his election and shunned his inauguration, left Brazil two days before the end of his term and is located in Florida, USA.

The investi ture took place on January 1 in Brasilia without major incident, in the presence of tens of thousands of Lula supporters.