[IN IMAGES] Festivent: Marie-Mai in all her styles

[IN IMAGES] Festive: Marie-Mai in all her styles


If Marie-Mai is racked with stage fright ten days away from hosting her first ever comedy gala at ComediHa! Fest-Québec didn't stop her from giving a musical performance worthy of her reputation, Friday night, on the main stage of Festivent de Lévis.

It was a rare appearance at a festival this summer for the one who will celebrate her twenty-year career in 2023, and who we have especially seen on TV, hosting Big Brother, during the final year.

Despite the presence of a hard core of raucous admirers near the stage, the princess of Quebec pop did not have the easiest audience in front of her, but she managed to shake many of them from their torpor thanks to her stainless enthusiasm. .

Seeing her dance without restraint from the start singing Elle et moi, she once again gave the impression that every time she steps on the stage, it's is the best day of his life.


It was also, at least in the first moments, an opportunity to recall his recent shift towards a more urban pop since four of the first five titles on the program were taken from his 2018 album, Her and I, on which she moves away from the pop-rock universe that made her a star.

In one of her speeches, Marie-Mai also thanked her fans for following her in all its musical bifurcations. “It's something I'm very proud of. You always let me make the music I wanted. »

She then dug this furrow further by inviting Claudia Bouvette to come and sing her success Douchebag with her, then by interpreting alone Without tomorrow, her collaboration with the rapper Imposs.


The Marie-Mai of the beginnings is however never very far away. “I feel like rocking my life a little,” she said, exploding Point Blank, one of the many forays into her previous catalog that marked the second portion of his concert.

Injured knee

During her last visit to the Videotron Center, Marie-Mai was criticized for breaking the rhythm with ballads and an intermission. None of that on Friday. The pace remained high until the end. 

Hair in the wind, she lined up strong effective C.O.B.R.A., C'est moi and the intense double I run/Without cry or hatred. It was so intense that Marie-Mai confided that she injured her knee along the way, somewhere in the middle of the concert, according to her estimation. 

“I am a trooper, she reassured her fans, we make the show until the end. »

As a matter of fact, she ignored the pain and concluded by jumping around as if nothing had happened.

Klô Pelgag: through the whispers

< p>Although her inventive pop and sweetly eccentric gigs are invariably a treat, and they still were, Friday night Klô Pelgag might not have been the appropriate artistic vehicle to bridge the gap to the concert at Marie-Mai.

Between moving carousels and through the murmurs of festival-goers, the creator of the brilliant album Our Lady of Seven Sorrows looked like an alien who had landed on the wrong planet. However, it would be misunderstanding her to believe that it was going to affect her. Without the staging elements of her indoor show, Klô Pelgag nevertheless displayed all her usual madness, with her imposing team of musicians, dancers and choristers, in a soundscape that sometimes took on the air of psychedelic rock.

Sophia Bel: not ideal

Montrealer Sophia Bel, the new torchbearer of pop-punk, swept by, at the start of the evening, in a less than ideal context. That is to say, in front of a handful of more or less attentive spectators.

Sophia Bel swept by at the start of the evening.

This possibly explaining this, we have the impression of having observed only part of the potential of this young woman, who sometimes seemed hesitant and who, vocally, had ups and downs.

The basis is there though. There are some good songs on his Anxious Avoidant album, which came out earlier this year, and his stage persona, once tweaked and with more bite, could end up imposing.