In India, the Mogul has made the most generous donation in the country’s history

В Индии магнат сделал самое щедрое пожертвование в истории страны

The money will be spent on the development of IT-technologies.The Indian billionaire has donated to the development of IT-technologies $ 7.5 billion shares on the “Promise of donation,” reports the with reference to TSN.

The Indian technology billionaire Azim Premji donated $ 7.5 billion to charity – in the field of computer technology and innovation. Benefactor is the second richest man in India. Donation Indian tycoon in this sector of the economy and science was the most ambitious in the history of the country. Funds will be used to open educational institutions in the field of IT.

73-year-old billionaire Azim Premji is the Chairman of a global company on the outsourcing of information technology in Indian Bangalore Wipro Technologies Limited. The current amount of donations for the development of information technology in India amounted to 530 billion rupees, which is about $ 7.5 billion and almost half of all state tycoon. Wipro handed over to the charity Fund of Premji funds in shares. The rich Foundation has been supporting education and manages the University Azim of Premji in Bangalore. The last donation of philanthropist billionaire could help to open a second University and “significantly increase”, said the organization.

The General condition of Premji, according to the Bloomberg billionaires index, is more than $ 18 billion. He was the first Indian signatory to the “Promise of giving” campaign launched by Warren Buffett and bill and Melinda gates. The main idea of this campaign was a Testament to charity most of their wealth.

Premji donated large sums to charity before. According to the Report about philanthropy in India for the year provided by the consulting firm Bain & Company and philanthropic Foundation Dasra, the share of Premji accounted for 80% of all “large donations” from the wealthy Indians. After 2018, the amount of donations reached more than 100 million rupees (1.4 million U.S. dollars).

Wipro was founded by the father of Premji in 1945 as a manufacturer of vegetable oil, and in 1980-ies moved into the tech industry under the leadership of the son of its founder. Since then, she has become one of the largest companies in the field of IT services in India, with more than 160 thousands of employees around the world and thousands of clients in various industries, from aerospace to retail.


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