In Indonesia, filmed like a river gone underground

В Индонезии засняли, как целая река ушла под землю

Similar phenomena are very rare.

For decades, if not centuries, near the village of Babadan, which is located in the region of Yogyakarta (Indonesia), near a river. What was the surprise of the locals when they saw river instead of a small puddle. As it turned out, all the water went underground – in the formed funnel, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

In a matter of hours all the water was gone. Some people were able to capture this surreal sight. Local residents are now looking for a new source of fresh water.

Some people thought that thus they were punished by the Lord for the improper way of life. Experts, in turn, noted that in the ground just formed a sinkhole, that glasses all water. Unknown at this time whether the return water. Perhaps about the river in General have to forget.

In Babadan not enough wells to provide all residents with water, therefore, most likely, water will be imported. This option is the only way out of the situation.

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