In Indonesia, police shot and killed two Russians

В Индонезии полиция застрелила двоих россиян

Passports of those killed and detained, the police have not yet filed.

Yesterday, March 19, two citizens of Russia were killed in a shootout with police on the Indonesian island of Bali after a robbery of exchange office.

Russian propaganda online RIA Novosti with reference to the press attache of the Russian Embassy in Jakarta Denis Titushina reported that, according to preliminary information, the robbery was attended by three Russians – one of them is arrested.

“Passports and killed, police have not yet filed, but police insist that the suspects are Russians,” he said.

In Russian depodesta declare that accomplices could be seven, four of them probably disappeared from the scene. “This is only preliminary information. Confirm we have,” – said Tatushin.

Bali Post, in turn, notes that all seven Russians at the age from 32 to 60 years. Also, skazanno that they were 34-year-old woman. They were allegedly armed with automatic rifles SS1 and machetes, and their faces were hidden by masks.

The suspects in the robbery made bags with more than $ 80,000 in local currency. Police found them a few hours later. When detention skirmish.


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