In Instagram appeared a dark theme: how to enable

App of the popular social network Instagram has received a dark mode for iOS and Android 13 10

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В Instagram появилась темная тема: как включить

Black theme Instagram is automatically activated

In the mobile app Instagram emerged the long-awaited innovation that makes visual perception more stylish and modern. Following recent trends, Gmail, WhatsApp, Twitter, Viber, Telegram, Instagram has also added dark layout for mobile devices on iOS and Android 13 10.

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Chapter Instagram Adam Mosseri announced on Twitter on Tuesday, October 8, that dark theme is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones. Although none of the apps does not allow the user to toggle this feature inside the app – it is activated automatically if the feature is a Dark Theme activated in the settings of the iOS or Android 13 10. Can this feature be optional and included within Instagram, not yet reported.

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How to enable dark mode Instagram

В Instagram появилась темная тема: как включить

Black theme Instagram

Instagram will automatically switch to dark mode according to the settings on your smartphone. If you use iOS 13, here’s how you can try dark mode:

  1. Make sure you have updated the Instagram app and use the latest available version (the App Store doesn’t offer you to update it).
  2. Open the Settings app on your iPhone on iOS 13 or iPad iPadOS.
  3. Select “Display & Brightness”, then select “Dark”.

Android users 10 can perform the same actions:

  1. Enable dark mode on an Android device by going to “Settings” then “Display”.
  2. Click “more” then select “Dark” in the menu of the device.

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