In Italy will be to remove another part of the “James bond”

В Италии будут снимать очередную часть "Джеймса Бонда"

This film will be the 25th in the famous “James Bond”.

It became known, where will pass 25 shooting of a film about adventures of James bond. According to available information, at least part of the film will take place in the South of Italy, in Matera, reports the with reference on the Letters.

To the place of filming, scheduled for late July, arrived around 500 people, who will make the arrangements.

It is expected that the shooting will begin in July. Italy has already directed several of the bond movies – “Spectrum” and “quantum of solace”. 25 the second part of “James bond” has the working title of Shatterhand.

As you know, the creators of the film for the second time to announce the delay. It was originally planned that the movie will be released in November 2019, but then the release was moved to February 2020.

Changes in the release date of the picture associated with the rotation in the Director’s chair. As you know, Danny Boyle was replaced by Cary Fukunaga.

The main role again will play Daniel Craig. Bond girl this time will be Lea seydoux. It is assumed that the film also will take part Ralph Fiennes and Naomi Harris. The names of other actors are kept secret.


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