In Japan, due to heavy rains killed more than 200 people (video)

В Японии из-за сильных дождей погибли более 200 человек (видео)

In Japan, due to heavy rains and the resulting floods and landslides killed 209 people and dozens are still missing. A natural disaster of this magnitude has not been observed since 1982. After protracted rains the region faces a new danger — the extreme heat.

As reported by the Japan Times, is most strongly affected the Western part of Japan. Evacuated more than 7 thousand people. About 160 residential houses have been found totally destroyed and beyond recovery.

In Japan, for several days kept the temperature more than 30 degrees, which complicates the work of rescuers and threatens disease outbreaks in the affected regions. Citizens in evacuation centres have problems with hygiene. An additional threat is posed by prolonged dehydration.

Under forecasts of weather forecasters, in the next few days the daytime temperature can reach 43 degrees combined with high humidity. Doctors warn about the dangers of heat stroke and possible problems with high blood pressure in elderly people.

Damage to agriculture of Japan is estimated at us $ 207 million, and in all likelihood, this amount will increase. Some agricultural products are already increased in price by a third.

We will remind as reported “FACTS” that are most affected by the disaster is the region around Hiroshima. Here many villages are flooded or affected by landslides. Thousands of homes were left without electricity.


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