In Kherson there were “Solar tree” charging gadgets

В Херсоне появилось "Солнечное дерево" для зарядки гаджетов

Kherson craftsmen installed and commissioned the first solar battery, which residents and guests can charge their smartphones and tablets. This is stated in the message on the website of the Kherson city Council.

The cost of the “Solar tree” — 15 thousand UAH, of which 10 thousand hryvnia spent on the creation of a “tree”, and 5 thousand — in solar battery and other hardware. Money allocated from the city budget as funding under the program of development of tourism in the city of Kherson.

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“Solar tree” is located on Suvorov street, the main pedestrian street of the city, where the rest of the inhabitants of the city and which is constantly visited by tourists.

В Херсоне появилось "Солнечное дерево" для зарядки гаджетов

The place was not chosen by chance — next to design, there are several cafes in the surveillance, which to some extent should protect the “Solar tree” from possible attacks of thieves and vandals.

If the experiment received approval from the citizens, the power of design can be increased by adding one or two “Sunny branches.”

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In addition, the plans of the local authorities — building on the city’s waterfront tourist e-kiosk, solar-powered — it tourists will be able to charge your gadgets and connect them to the information system of the city to get required data.

В Херсоне появилось "Солнечное дерево" для зарядки гаджетов

As previously reported “FACTS”, the Cabinet will determine the competition of the Builder of the first solar power plant in the exclusion zone.

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