In Kiev figured out how to save a historic building for the hryvnia

В Киеве придумали, как спасти исторические здания за гривну

The exchange will require a full restoration.

Kyiv authorities intend to launch in the capital program for the emergency rescue and abandoned buildings, monuments of architecture and urban planning. In particular, they propose to hand over these houses to lease to investors for 49 years-almost for free – at a concessional rate of 1 UAH./year, reports the with reference to UBR.

The logic of the initiators of the project is simple: in Kiev, there were 701 building included in the list of cultural heritage. 74 of them are in poor condition. For example, they say very bad things with ant estate on Big Zhitomir, House Ambulance on talents, Tower No. 4 of Kiev fortress and a number of other objects. And the authorities have no funds for their full recovery. Meanwhile, in Kiev often “happen” fires in such premises, the Commission finds them unfit, and in their place “skyscrapers grow,” added the authors of the document in the explanatory Memorandum.

That offer

The idea is to lease to investors such buildings and require them to carry out a full overhaul and restoration. All of the entrepreneurs are willing to take 5 years (plus a maximum of 1 year, for good reason), during which time will be charged full rental price.

Entrepreneurs are going to select in an open competition, giving preference to those who are willing to pay more for the rent in the first 5 years (the starting price will set at 3% of the normative value of the object). And only if they meet fully its obligations for the remaining 44 year lease, they will set the reduced rate of 1 UAH./year.

There are risks

As a key protection against abuse, the authors propose to prescribe in the contracts with investors, a number of conditions precedent. Any violation of the order or delay the timing of restoration will be grounds to terminate the agreement unilaterally. Besides, initiators of the project, the full rent in the first 5 years will encourage entrepreneurs to comply with the terms of the contract, and not to leave the room, taking advantage of the benefits.

But with the list of objects that can be loaned under the program, officials have been less categorical. The main selection criterion they identified Kabminovsky list of objects of cultural heritage. And added that the procedure can only be used in respect of buildings, in front of which is marked “unsatisfactory condition”. But you will also be able to apply for preferential rent and buildings that are “threatened with the loss of features which became the basis for inclusion in the list of historical monuments”. To confirm this criterion can be a simple act of technical condition.

We are not the first

The authors of the initiative, including the famous Kiev MPs and activists Sergei Gusovsky, Bogdan Benyuk and other (just under the document signed by 14 people) believe that it will help save Kiev historical building from destruction.

As evidence they cite, for example, a Scottish castle, which was leased for 50 years for 1 pound in the conditions of his restoration. As well as a similar program in Moscow. There 2012 gave investors 28. 13 of them have already been restored, and businesses pay for their rent of 1 ruble per square meter.


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