In Kiev, found the treasure with ancient coins

В Киеве обнаружили клад со старинными монетами

It was found twenty coins ancient Roman coins.

The event happened on the hem at the corner Kozhemiatskaya, reports. Kiev planted fruit trees. The shovel of one of the locals stumbled upon the treasure.

It was found twenty coins to ancient Roman coins, some buckles, brooches, and various ceramic utensils.

Archaeologists were surprised by the findings – in Kiev and at a depth of about thirty inches. Even modern concrete below this level. Archaeologists previously believed that some ancient finds can be found a minimum at a depth of half a meter, and it is not antique.

Most likely the treasure is hidden recently. There are Roman coins that are not typical for Ukraine, as this state was never here. In addition, the findings belong to different time.


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