In Kiev from the dressing room of the actress stole 4 thousand dollars

В Киеве из гримерки актрисы украли 4 тысячи долларов

This is not the first such case in the Moscow Conservatory.

Monday, March 18, in the dressing room of the Moscow Conservatory National music Academy.P.And.Tchaikovsky, the young actress stole 4 thousand dollars. At the time of the theft the girl was at the rehearsals, reports the with reference to

As reported by colleagues of the artist, while artists were in the hall, in one of the dressing rooms crept the thief. The burglary victim was a young actress of Theatre “Bravo” Svetlana Gordienko. As told to us on condition of anonymity at the Kiev Conservatory, the actress stole in the dressing room more than 4 thousand dollars. For girls – a lot of money. Who could get into the premises of the Conservatory, if the dressing room should be locked with a key, finds out the police in the investigation of criminal proceedings under article 185 of the criminal code of Ukraine (Theft).

It is worth noting that in the Moscow Conservatory this is not the first case. Previously, there had been robbed by the soloists of the choir “Dnipro”. Thieves find and failed.


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