In Kiev, in the subway gathered a huge queue. Video

В Киеве у метро собрались огромные очереди. Видео

Long queues and broken ticket office: how “the station” welcomes its first passengers

“The station” is one of the busiest stations of the Kiev metro. Every day it serves thousands of passengers. However, those who decided to use the services of the station in the morning, a nasty surprise awaits in the form of huge queues and the crush, writes the with reference to the Informant.

The informant tried to figure out why people have half an hour to stand in line before you pass through the turnstiles. We also asked people how they concern to such huge queues.

WHY SUCH Ocheretiana the crowd at “the Station” began to gather long before the opening. For passengers, the station opens its doors at 5:45, but by 5:30 at the closed entrance is literally overcrowded. When the station opened, the flow of people rushes into the lobby, and crush should go away within a few minutes. But this, unfortunately, is not happening. The crowd turns in a fairly organized line of people that stretches from the ticket office right on the street. People have to wait for half an hour to buy the coveted badge, which, by the way, they sell only one per customer. The main causes of such bursts two: only two offices working out of four and the reluctance of people to use the machines that sell them. We tried to get comments of the staff of metro on this, but they flatly refused to communicate with us.

If the offices of all, in principle, of course, the metro has long stated that it will gradually abandon the tokens and reduce the number of employees that sell them. Then with guns is not all clear. Of the six vending machines for tokens at the station were four, but such as queues near the cash registers they had. Some people simply do not have 10-hryvnia bill, which accept the machines, others simply didn’t know how to use the machines for issuing tokens. In the end, the people waiting for the queue at the cashier stand for 20-30 minutes, while we were able to purchase a badge in about 2 minutes.

HOW you REACT PASAZHIRIV the lobby of the station was dominated by a rather tense atmosphere. People, many of whom came to the “Station” of the train, clearly did not like spending time waiting for their turn at the cashier. Many lamented the poor organization of work underground. A woman who recently arrived from Egypt, literally with tears in his eyes, saying that it is wrong to treat people. And the man, named Sergei, who lives in Germany and travel in Kiev, said that the organization of work underground Ukraine to Europe very far.

There is good news, recently Council members have proposed to establish in Kiev metro scoreboard, which will show the time to arrival of the train. So the project went to work, he must complete a minimum of 61 votes. It certainly will not save “the Station” from queue issues, but at least passengers will have the opportunity to know when will come the next train.

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