In Kiev shot the godson Iryna Bilyk

В Киеве застрелили крестника Ирины Билык

Iryna Bilyk

today, 06:30

Around 17:00 on Sunday, 1 December, the Deputy city Council Vyacheslav Sobolev, unknown made attempt. Consequently, the attackers drove up to a car of the officer and shot him. As a result of this crime spree, the man managed to survive, but his trehletnyaya were less lucky – he was shot and died in the ambulance.

В Киеве застрелили крестника Ирины Билык

The car of the victim, photos Informer

Ukraine has not had time to move away from such blatant crimes and mourn a little angel who didn’t even have time uvjeti life like new news, like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, smote the inhabitants of the country. It turned out that the little pipsqueak alekandr had the godson of the Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk. About this woman with tears said in the social network.

В Киеве застрелили крестника Ирины Билык

Irina Bilyk, Heiser

“I can’t sit and pretend that nothing happened…
Killed the little baby,beautiful baby’s godmother…which I am… Why is everything in this world,if I just kill people,children… in the center of the beloved city…. My little angel,Sasha, I’m Sorry these adult humans. Their brutality…forces of the whole family. In this terrible hour….”

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В Киеве застрелили крестника Ирины Билык

A screenshot of the post in Facebook

In comments Ukrainians broke out in compassion to the people’s favorite. Girls are especially close to my heart to hear this news and expressed their condolences Bilyk.

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