In Kiev, the unemployed, the journalist was beaten because of an expensive fur coat

В Киеве безработный избил журналистку из-за дорогой шубы

Suffered editor of NewsOne TV channel.

In Solomenskiy district of Kiev, the man beat the woman because she was dressed in a fur coat. The victim was the editor of the TV channel NewsOne Irina Kharchenko, reports the with reference to Conduct.

“March 13 at 09:05, the duty of Solomenskiy police Department on the specialline 102 received an application from Kharchenko Irina Alexandrovna that on the street Field, 21, an unidentified man inflicted her injuries,” – said the law enforcement sources.

According to the victim, in the morning she went to work. Passing by the house number 21, she met her previously unknown man who approached Kharchenko and twice punched her in the face. Beating the woman, the man exclaimed: “Go here in an expensive fur coat, when all are starving”.

Soon police officers detained the suspect. They were unemployed local resident Peter Ostrinski, 1965. The detainee confessed to the crime.

His act he explained that he resented the expensive clothes of a stranger, at a time when most people including he need. That she works as a journalist did not know.

Currently open criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 296 (Hooliganism) of the criminal code of Ukraine. The defendant faces 5 years in prison.

В Киеве безработный избил журналистку из-за дорогой шубы


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