In Kiev will pass the international festival of Jazz Weekend

The festival will be held 21-23 and 29 November

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В Киеве пройдет Международный фестиваль Jazz Weekend

In Kiev will host a Jazz Weekend

The Metropolitan cultural center Freedom Hall already, 21-23 and 29 November will present the world’s brightest jazz stars during the festival Jazz Weekend. The new festival will be a place where the gourmet will drown in the rush of great music, the smell of coffee, spirits and all things associated the phrase “cool jazz”.

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Jazz Weekend – a new name with a proud 15-year history in the face of authoritative festival DоDж. The founder and ideologist of the new festival format was Alexander Gray, President of the jazz festival DoDж that zero had instilled in Ukraine the biggest world jazz names, introduced Kiev Nino Katamadze and brought to the big stage, dozens of young Ukrainian musicians.

The headquarters of the festival format was the updated cultural center Freedom Hall, the site where big jazz now lives near the world theatre, the renowned dance groups, academic musicians, and crazy experimental show. On a new huge stage was addressed not only to musicians, who a few decades of living on top of Olympus of jazz, but also the newest American star, nominated for a Grammy.

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In Odessa hosted an international jazz festival

On 21 November, the festival will open the meeting with an authentic American family jazz band The Baylor Project. In his performance the audience will hear jazz with the incomparable taste of gospel, Blues and soul. Moreover, listeners expect such legends, as the project Incognito, which for four decades and enjoys the crazy popularity in the world. The group was created in the late 1970s, guitarist, singer, producer Jean-Paul “Bluey” Monique. A 40-year career they have released over 15 albums and dozens of singles. Kiev will meet the team on November 22.

The band Mezzoforte of Iceland, speaking on 23 November, is one of the oldest European jazz collectives, which since inception in 1977 has released 14 albums and 6 compilations.

The last performance will take place November 29 on the stage of the cultural center will be the American winner of the award Grammy, pianist, arranger and producer Bob James. It specially arrives on the Jazz Weekend in Kiev for a joint appearance with Ukrainian saxophonist Andrew Chmut. Such a statement is a bold request for the entry of Ukrainian musician at a great jazz club under the patronage of Bob James, whose name is on the posters all continents were the great names in the history of jazz music.

Recall, from 26 to 30 June 2019, Lviv hosted the IX international jazz festival the Jazz Fest.

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В Киеве пройдет Международный фестиваль Jazz Weekend

В Киеве пройдет Международный фестиваль Jazz Weekend

В Киеве пройдет Международный фестиваль Jazz Weekend


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