In Kiev will show thousands of vintage cars among the hundreds of aircraft

May 9-12 will take place the biggest technical festival of the anniversary of Ukraine – OldCarLand

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В Киеве покажут тысячу ретроавтомобилей среди сотен самолетов

10th anniversary festival of the vintage cars Old Car Land

In the Museum of aviation in Kyiv on 9-12 may will be the 10th anniversary festival, retreat OldCarLand, which also took place in the fall of 2018. More than a thousand exclusive retroavto will be located among the hundreds of planes and will surprise visitors with its beauty.

В Киеве покажут тысячу ретроавтомобилей среди сотен самолетов

Old Car Land Photo: press-service

The festival will feature exhibits from the Ukraine and other countries – from bicycles and passenger cars to heavy military and railway equipment. The oldest cars participating – more than 100 years and many of them are preserved in a single copy. No cost and no rally on vintage cars and competition elegancia – when the owners of the machines dress in the clothes of the era of production cars.

This time the festival celebrates round date – it will be held for the tenth time. For this reason on OldCarLand prepared a special exposition of nine machines, which received the Grand Prix in previous years. Among them: the first mass in the world model T Ford 1909 Buick Town Car, 1924, ZIS-110, 1946, the Mercedes-Benz 190 SL 1958 and others.

В Киеве покажут тысячу ретроавтомобилей среди сотен самолетов

Old Car Land Photo: press-service

Also at the festival will show many models of 60-80 years of production that were not previously at such events. Is – Opel, Alfa Romeo, Ford and others. In addition, will bring cars that are impossible to meet in the streets, Oldsmobile, Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Maserati, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, public ZIL and GAS.

Traditionally OldCarLand will be a show and drift cars will run a restaurant area. In addition, there will be plenty of children’s entertainment zones will work the hall of slot machines 80-ies, will be held competitions on pedal cars.

What’s new at the festival?

A one-day exhibition of military equipment for the Day of remembrance

On the first day of the festival, may 9, will be an exhibition of military equipment during the Second world war. Here you can meet the legendary Soviet T-34 tank, trucks ZIS-5, GAZ-AA, GAZ 67 B, an American Dodge 3/4, Studebaker, Willys MB, German model, Opel Blitz, BMW R12.

Area brands celebrating their anniversaries

This year the anniversary is celebrated not only OldCarLand. Opel celebrates 120th anniversary, Bentley and Citroen – the 100th anniversary. Brands anniversaries will show own the most iconic, as well as those who gave a technological boost for the industry auto industry in General.

Special exhibition of buses

“Street of nice” – a new creative location OldCarLand. Here I will present an exposition of foreign buses Saviem, MAN, Ikarus, Mercedes-Benz, Bluebird, the oldest and most new Manholes, vintage Abstracts, a massive GROOVE.

The exhibition of rare bikes

In the biggest helicopter in the world Mi-26 will host the exhibition retropatellar. Here personally you will see that the phrase “do Not invent the Bicycle” has nothing to do with reality. After all transformations in the last 100 years has acquired frame, the weight and mechanisms of the bikes are really impressive!

The opportunity to purchase retroavto

Good news for collectors – the festival will not just look at cars, but to buy yourself the most suitable model! On location “Automotodrome” will sell the old equipment – from vintage motorcycles to rare models of cars.

Recall, from 28 to 30 September 2018 at ENEA in Kiev, a festival of vintage cars OldCarLand. The people of Kiev and guests of the city showed more than a thousand classic cars.

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В Киеве покажут тысячу ретроавтомобилей среди сотен самолетов

В Киеве покажут тысячу ретроавтомобилей среди сотен самолетов

В Киеве покажут тысячу ретроавтомобилей среди сотен самолетов


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