In Lithuania filming a series about the leaders of the German Nazis

В Литве снимают сериал о лидерах немецких нацистов

Shooting is organised by the British broadcaster BBC.

The British broadcasting Corporation bi-Bi-si removes the Vilnius TV series “the Ascent of the Nazis” (The Rise of the Nazis), telling about the Nazi government in Germany in the period between the two wars, according to the with reference on the most Important.

As has informed on Friday, the self-government of Vilnius, the restoration TV series documentary in three parts will show the period of 1930-1933 years in Germany and the transition of power in the hands of the Nazis.

The plot of the film – the highest leaders of Germany at that time Kurt von shlyayher and Franz von Papen, who had underestimated the political newcomer Adolf Hitler in the hope of using it, however themselves became victims of the regime.

After becoming the Fuhrer, Hitler killed, the other turned you into their puppet.

In this film historians will explain how key figures in the Nazi regime shaped the future of Germany, will be disclosed psychological perspectives of the most famous personalities of that time, presents an analysis of their expectations, ambitions and shortcomings.

Kinobori emphasizes that during filming, will be used film props from atributikos Nazi Germany and the Communists. Paraphernalia is only used for filming.


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