In London to exhibit the best work Banksy

В Лондоне демонстрируют лучшие работы Бэнкси

In General, the exhibition presents 40 paintings of the master. However, three of them were bought in the first day.

In London in the gallery Lazinc opened the exhibition, which showcases the best work of the anonymous British artist Banksy. The exhibition includes 40 works of the author and is called “Greatest hits: 2002-2008”. This writes the Buro 24/7.

The curator is a former art dealer and artist, the founder of this gallery, Steve Lazarides, who was the official photographer and gallery Banksy in the period from 1997 to 2008.

Since the opening of the exhibition was sold three Banksy works in the amount of 662 thousand dollars to 2 million dollars.

In General, the exhibition includes paintings, limited print edition of an artist, as well as sculptures.

Earlier it was reported that anonymous artist Banksy has painted new graffiti in Paris.

It was also reported that the CCTV camera was filmed stealing Banksy paintings from the exhibition.

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