In Lunel: a stamp that envelops the Statue of Liberty and gives it quite a stamp

In Lunel: a stamp that envelops the Statue of Liberty and gives it quite a stamp

In Lunel: a stamp that envelops the Statue of Liberty and gives it quite a stamp

Anthony Judeau (g.), Pierre-Gabriel Rayan et Patrick Lagier. A. C.

À l’occasion du 35e anniversaire du retour du monument en cœur de ville, l’amicale philatélique de Lunel vient d’éditer une centaine d’exemplaires de ces petites vignettes à son effigie.

The Lunel philatelic and numismatic association is not its first attempt and its ideas have already made a good impression(s)!

With the current edition of the Statue of Liberty stamp on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of its return to the heart of the city, the association publishes and sells its fourth order which highlights, and especially on paper, the heritage of the city.

Initiated and created within the municipality

The idea emerges from a municipal duo as the ceremony takes shape around the monument and the Republic roundabout which has hosted it for three and a half decades.

It’was February 25th. "Some time before, I brought copies of the stamp from the Médard museum to Frank Janik and Mathieu Casuccio (respectively director of the cultural service and project manager within the municipality , Editor's note) was in the office. He told me that it would be a good idea for the association to release a stamp of the Statue of Liberty to mark the event", says Pierre-Gabriel Rayan.

But the president of the Lunel philatelic and numismatic association knows it: the stroke of the pencil is not his strong suit. "I can't draw an axe!"

The town hall graphic designer in charge

So it’s a pro who gets to grips with it. At the request of Yoann Galiotto, the City's new communications director, Anthony Judeau is working on the visual. The official graphic designer of the town hall's communications department is experienced in the exercise and creates an inspired image.

In Lunel's two colors – blue and yellow – the young designer creates a visual where sculpture and the star of the night mingle.

"I worked with solid colors to obtain a strong contraste, explains Anthony Judeau. It was necessary to be able to distinguish the Statue of Liberty as well as the moon which represents the city and for the whole to be clearly visible to the naked eye at the dimension of a postage stamp", continues the one whose work was officially unveiled during the commemorative ceremony on Sunday, February 25.

An exhibition to launch it

The same date of the launch of subscriptions to the Lunel Philatelic and Numismatic Association for the edition of the stamp.

"We had eighty requests that day and there will probably be new ones when the people of Lunel are aware of its release", hope Pierre-Gabriel Rayan and his collection friend Patrick Lagier, also a member of the association.

In particular this Sunday, April 14, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., for the distribution of the stamp of the Statue of Liberty, pretext for a meeting in the municipal hall of Mas de Chambon, at 377 du eponymous path.

The 80 years of the liberation of the city in project

In parallel with the monthly meeting of the association, people who have subscribed will be able to come and collect their sticker, at the individual price of 2 €, while the public will be invited to come see the exhibition of some stamps and coins, some rare.

Once the binders are closed and the lights are turned off, the members of the philatelic and numismatic association will already be moving towards a new project: a stamp to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the liberation of the city.

Info and contacts: Lunel philatelic and numismatic friendly at 06 31 36 34 55 and

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