In Luxembourg, public transport will be free

                                В Люксембурге общественный транспорт сделают бесплатным

This decision was not taken yet, no country in the world.

The Luxembourg government decided to abolish the tolls on any public transport. It is assumed that the cost for buses, trams and trains will be canceled from next summer. Authorities believe that so they can improve the environment and reduce the number of traffic jams in the capital of the Duchy.

According to the newspaper, the country faces a problem of serious traffic jams, including for residents of France, Germany and Belgium who arrive daily in the Duchy to work (about 200 thousand). In the Luxembourg live more than 600 thousand people, of which about 400 thousand come to the capital to work. In the capital live about 110 thousand.

During the election campaign, Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel has promised to pay special attention to environmental issues.

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Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) is a country in Western Europe.

                                В Люксембурге общественный транспорт сделают бесплатным


                                В Люксембурге общественный транспорт сделают бесплатным

Coat of arms

                                В Люксембурге общественный транспорт сделают бесплатным

Capital – Luxembourg

Form of government – Constitutional monarchy

Territory – 2 585 km2 (167-I in the world)

Population – 520,67 thousand people (171-I)

Official languages – Luxembourgish, French, German

Religion – Catholicism

HDI – 0,892 (19th in world)

GDP – $64,87 billion (70th in world)

Currency – Euro

Borders: Belgium, Germany, France

It is known that in the summer the government of Luxembourg made a transport free for children and adolescents up to 20 years. For other trip costs €2 for two hours, which is enough to cross the whole country.

Completely free public transport in many countries, but only at the level of cities, not whole state.

As reported by “Around the world. Ukraine”, public transportation in Paris can be free.

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