In Lviv was named the winner of the National project “Ukrainian song 2019”

The winner was Grohotsky

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Во Львове назвали победителя Национального проекта "Украинская песня 2019"

“Ukrainian song 2019”

The target for the weekend was the project “Ukrainian song 2019 / Ukrainian Song Project 2019”. The winner was chosen by an expert jury, which included Ruslan Kvinta, Michael Jasinski, Taras Kurchyk, a music producer of TV channel “Ukraine” Gennady Viter and others. The winner was Grohotsky, and the leader of spectator sympathies – the singer KHAYAT which previously “Today” interview.

“In the autumn “Ukrainian song” goes to another level, the international level. Therefore, the selection will begin in the United States, Canada and Italy. And one who will win in this country, he arrives at the Ukrainian song in Lviv”, – said the General producer and co-founder Taras Kurchyk.

In addition, to the city to support the young artists came and stars of show business: Svetlana Tarabarova, Viktor Pavlik, group “No you like”, Alyosha, star of the hit “Guard cancel” Jerry Hale and others. And the singer Tina Karol for the first time shared with our reporters that finally fulfilled her childhood dream!

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“On Independence Day I will have the incredible joy and opportunity to perform at Maidan this year. In the morning greetings of our President. So I’m very happy. It was my childhood dream. And it is true. And today we are fruitful to this point. And I’m proud of how it is done, what will be there. And I love what is beautiful we have a parade,” shared Tina.

The TV version of the project “the Music platform – the Ukrainian song” will be held on the independence Day of Ukraine, August 24, on the TV channel “Ukraine” at 22:30.

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Во Львове назвали победителя Национального проекта "Украинская песня 2019"

Во Львове назвали победителя Национального проекта "Украинская песня 2019"

Во Львове назвали победителя Национального проекта "Украинская песня 2019"


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