In Martinique to join OD candidates: “This subject is sensitive and extremely delicate”, writes India Desjardins

In Martinique to join OD candidates: “ This subject is sensitive and extreme; delicate », writes India Desjardins

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Invited to Martinique to offer avenues for discussion, information and raise awareness of non-violent communication, the author India Desjardins wanted to share a long publication entitled Réflexions sur OD sur his Facebook page as soon as he arrived. The writer explains in detail why she agreed to meet the candidates and shares her dearest wish for a world filled with more sweetness.  

On board the plane that took her to Martinique to meet the remaining candidates of Occupation Double, on Thursday, India Desjardins wrote a long message intended to be shared on her Facebook page. In it, the 46-year-old writer first explains that she was touched to have received several confidences from people living with bullying on a daily basis. “(People) who are not lucky enough to have interventions made,” she laments, insisting that this kind of thing unfortunately happens every day in various spheres and places of our society. 

A social reflection

“I think what's happening right now is talking about bullying,” she wrote. To be informed, to be educated collectively. I believe that this whole situation can lead to social reflection. And maybe changes in the places where it happens and where it is not filmed? Anyway, that's my wish. »

The author – who recently published an article in the newspaper Métro in which she analyzed what she perceived as psychological violence towards Jonathan and the article in Le Devoir where experts supported her remarks – explains that she agreed to go to meeting candidates for several reasons. 

“I accepted because I believe that this content, broadcast on TV, can make a difference in society, she writes. The bullying expert (Stéphane Villeneuve) is there to provide training and the psychologist (Dania Ramirez) to offer support. My role is that of a communicator. I am not an expert. I am an author who will deliver content in a TV show. »

His content will be based on his knowledge, acquired in particular by working on his recent projects, including the writing of the book Mister Big or the glorification of toxic loves. She claims to have had her content validated by specialists, including a social worker. 

The notion of play

The writer used a comparison with hockey to explain that the games and their various rules are modified and readjusted over time and as society evolves. 

“I think that reality TV is young in the history of TV, she writes. And that it is correct and even normal that there are adjustments in the rules. We have physically protected the hockey players, because it is a sporting game. Since reality TV is a human and social game, in my opinion, certain things must be adjusted to psychologically protect the participants and also the public. »

Wishing sweetness

His dearest wish? That we manage to find a way to understand each other more gently. She also takes the opportunity to denounce the bullying (or cyberbullying) of bullies. 

“I am a fan of reality TV, she concludes. I like to analyze social strategies like others like to analyze sports strategies. And I feel that we are in a key moment where certain things can change. For the best. »