In Moscow held a March against Internet censorship

В Москве проходит марш против цензуры в интернете

There is detention, came from select posters

Starts in Moscow agreed with the authorities a March against Internet censorship organized by the unofficial libertarian party of Russia, writes the with reference on the Present

According to the party and the correspondent of the Present Time to the beginning of the action were detained 15 people, among them members of the decision-maker and the movement “Spring”.

For the shares came from people with stripes “Combatant”. Some of them refused to talk with the correspondent of NV. But according to one of the “combatants” at the current stock at the invitation of the police work up to 50 volunteers, they must protect the event and to inform the police about “possible provocateurs”.

According to the Chairman of the party Mikhail Svetov, before the action beginning the police came to take away the posters and campaign materials. So the police seized a column of balloons due to the fact that “unmanned flying vehicle and they require a license”, posters with slogans “For a free Internet,” “Against censorship” and the back of the stage with text “the isolation of Runet”. According to the organizers, they have not explained what has caused the seizure of campaign materials.

On the same day, three Russian cities have been agreed with the authorities rallies for Internet freedom and against the bill of the state Duma about the isolation of the Russian segment.

At a meeting in Khabarovsk, according to “MBH Media” came about 50 people.

The action is organized by the activists of the unregistered libertarian party. The Creator of Telegram messenger and a social network of Vkontakte Pavel Durov has supported a rally for the freedom of the Russian Internet. With a call to come to share was made by the oppositionist Alexei Navalny.Last year the libertarian party has already held a major rally in defense of the messenger Telegram, which the Russian special services tried to push.

“Russia is not Iran or North Korea, we are part of the civilized world. But the Putin government is doing everything that we continue to lag behind the West. Web censorship further and further twisting around our lives. We are against the adoption of the law on Russia’s isolation from the international network and demand a free Internet,” reads the statement of the organizers of this rally.

On the eve of February 12, 2019 – the Russian state Duma adopted in the first reading the bill about the isolation of the Russian segment of the Internet. It was proposed by MP Andrey Klishas. For the adoption of the document voted 334 MP, 47 voted against. It is assumed that the isolation of the Internet, you will need 20 billion rubles.

The authors of the document – the head of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Andrei Klishas, his first Deputy, Lyudmila Bokova and state Duma Deputy Andrei Lugovoi (LDPR faction demanded that the meadow to withdraw his signature, and after his failure promised to take against him disciplinary action).

In the explanatory Memorandum explain that prepared the law “given the aggressive nature adopted in September 2018, the national cyber security Strategy of the United States”: “Russia directly and groundlessly accused of committing hacking or Frank about the punishment.” According to the authors, the Internet will be disconnected from the global network only in emergency situations.


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