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Valentin Gaft was hospitalized with a stroke

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В Москве госпитализирован известный актер - СМИ

Valentin Gaft

Russian actor Valentin Gaft was hospitalized in one of the Moscow hospitals with a stroke. The artist is in the Department of neurology. Note that before the hospital was his colleague, Alexander Pankratov-Black.

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As reported by several Russian media, Valentin Gaft was in intensive care about a week ago. At the moment, as the 83-year-old actor has stabilized, but home doctors are in no hurry to let go.

It is noted that the actor was hospitalized in a Moscow hospital about a week ago. He was put in intensive care, but now as GAFTA has stabilized, it is located in the Department of neurology. In December 2017 Gaft was also hospitalized in Moscow and underwent a difficult operation.

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83-year-old people’s artist of Russia Valentin Gaft best known to viewers for his role as Butler in the film “Hello, I your aunt”, Sidorin in the film “Garage”, Staneva in “Sorcerers” and of Woland in “the Master and Margarita”.

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