In Moscow said goodbye to Julia Nachalova

В Москве простились с Юлией Началовой

The funeral was attended by celebrities.

In Moscow in the funeral hall at the troyekurovskoye cemetery said goodbye to singer Julia Nachalova, who suddenly passed away on March 16, reports the with reference on the Facts.

At the request of the relatives of the dead ceremony is made closed, journalists in the mourning hall is not allowed. Julia was put in a coffin in her favourite dress. Next to it were the closest relatives, parents, daughter Faith and her ex-husband Yevgeny Aldonin.

To say goodbye to actress came to her fans, friends and colleagues on show-to business, – Alexander Panayotov, Olga Kormukhina, the soloist of group “Prime Minister” Jean Milimerov, businessman Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov (“Taiwanchik”), the soloist of group “Ivanushki” Kirill Andreev, Edgar Zapashny, Irina Saltykova, Ilona Bronevitskaya, Vlad Topalov and Anastasia Stotskaya, actor Mikhail Shcherbakov, Viktor Saltykov, Philip, Katya LEL. Many of them ignored by the media, not wanting to give comments. But some still managed to find the strength to share memories about the singer.

“The sun, even in winter, was always smiling. Incredibly beautiful, kind, gentle. I can not believe”, – hardly constraining tears, said Philip.

“I remember it very light and cheerful. Situation: a sleepless night, we sit in the airport for 7 hours, and Julia laughs. She is absolutely optimistic you always were. Maybe the Lord takes these people because they have no place in this cruel world. The last time there was a noticeable swelling on the face, hands, it was evident that her hard, that there are some serious problems. But she didn’t complain. She was invited to the birthday of Vera, but I could not, was on the road. And said to her, “promise me that you will be on my birthday”. So we had plans in common. I found out that she was in intensive care from the press, I prayed. And when they learned, again from the press that it is not no more – it was a state of shock. I have not seen Vera. I don’t know how it will be. She looked mother in the eyes shining eyes, “Mama, Mama”. I don’t know that such a slim girl now will experience. She loved mother” – shared Katia LEL.

The founder of the group “Tender may” and producer Andrey Razin, could not find the words.

“Actually, she plans to conquer America, and she said, “Then I will contain all their husbands!”. I don’t know anything about that at the funeral didn’t have enough money, I don’t know why Basque has announced the collection of money – ask him. Julia agreed that she would do eight songs, and they, along with Natasha Grotowski will make the US tour. She said she will see how she will work, and will do a General tour. I once promised her that she will be the soloist of group “Tender may”. Jura did not give consent for the program “Exactly”, and I suggested it, he agreed. She approached me after the second verse, and I told her that all is well, although she’s quail. And she said, “Now I can die, I was a soloist of “Tender may”. But had other plans. She never had to worry about family problems, have always believed that I could make myself. We wanted two Voronezh girls conquered the United States. We lost a son, we are building a chapel, and there will also be Yulia’s saints, we are going to look after her. She is a soloist of “Tender may” because no one better quail SW. I pop the public will go to MPs, to the Minister with a request to assign Julia the title of Honored artist of Russia”, – said Razin.В Москве простились с Юлией Началовой

В Москве простились с Юлией Началовой

В Москве простились с Юлией Началовой

В Москве простились с Юлией Началовой

В Москве простились с Юлией Началовой


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