In Nîmes, the arrival of excavators at the Wagner gallery marks a turning point in the Pissevin district

In Nîmes, the arrival of excavators at the Wagner gallery marks a turning point in the Pissevin district

La galerie Wagner, autrefois centre commercial, va être détruite. Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

Dans le cadre du Programme de renouvellement urbain engagé à Pissevin, les travaux entrent dans une nouvelle phase ce mardi 18 juin, en s'attaquant à la galerie Wagner.

This had to be done not with fanfare, but at least with a bit of inauguration. The urban renewal program "extremely ambitious" de Pissevin, whose objective is to "profoundly change the urban fabric of this complicated neighborhood", according to his project leaders, enters a new phase this Tuesday, June 18, with the start of work which will lead, in particular, to the disappearance of the Wagner gallery.

Faced with problems, no angelism

Faced with all the problems facing this neighborhood, there is no room for optimism. Nor denial of reality. The work will have to move forward, at all costs. And it’s also one of the nerves of "war" which was carried out. "There is a history with this neighborhood: we already had security problems last summer, with all the negative aspects that that brings creates, recognizes the Gard prefecture. And the delay that this can cause is all the more serious with the domino effect, one month of delay has repercussions on the entire site."

Drug trafficking, among other things, which is plaguing Pissevin (but not only) has led all stakeholders to take a relatively unprecedented action: request additional funding which will be allocated to securing the premises.“The prefect returned, accompanied by local authorities and project managers, to the commitment committee of the ANRU (National Agency for Urban Renewal, Editor's note) last December to discuss security. Traditionally, the ANRU is not interested in this subject and does not particularly finance security costs, they continue within the State services. But the prefect convinced the committee to give him additional financial resources, i.e. 1.2 million euros in additional funding, in the hands of the prefect alone. The objective ? "Organize a security continuum."

Nîmes, a laboratory on a national scale

Thus, even before the first shovel, meetings have multiplied between the different actors of the projects which will lead to transforming Pissevin. Prior contact with candidate companies, site visits, scouting… But also from the selection of the company responsible for carrying out all or part of the work, the creation of a file "so that everyone knows who is doing what and who must be alerted in the event of a problem, supports the prefecture. All this leading to the creation of governance at three levels: the first level, more strategic, in the form of a steering committee where representatives of the prefecture and project managers sit this method.

ttBut also a technical committee, responsible for taking stock of all the subjects that could arise. Finally, the possibility, during construction, of organizing GPOs (operational partnership groups), a body of the national police, allowing, faced with a situation, to ask again the question of the adaptation of the ;means and, possibly, to complete them.

"The 1.2 M€ which is allocated is only intended to finance additional costs", recalls the prefecture. In other words, the companies undertaking the work are not exempt from securing employees and equipment. This type of modus operandi, "is not generalized to the entire territory. We are going to be a sort of laboratory, what we are going to set up as an organization, and its success will perhaps allow us to duplicate this system at the national level, the prefecture aims . Who does not intend to fail in their mission. Thus, the work carried out is carried out in consultation with the companies involved who are aware, in complete transparency, of the context.

Involve the neighborhood in your neighborhood

And for the State, the main financier of this urban renewal program, one of the keys to success also involves the involvement of the inhabitants of Pissevin. "We work in coordination with the neighborhood events calendar. But we also have companies who have applied and are used to this type of project. And we also have integration clauses, which will be used to train young people for different professions. It's important to hire people who live there, who can liaise with the residents, recognizes the prefecture. A double-scale effect: "We show all the actors in the territory, whoever they are that we will be there, reactive and that we will achieve all projects. The first days are going to be hard, we know that." But the excavators do not, for the moment, intend to back down.

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