In Odessa, the wind dropped in the sea with a baby stroller

В Одессе ветер сбросил в море коляску с ребенком

The mother with the child helped the man.

The strong wind almost caused another tragedy in Odessa Arcadia beach, a sharp gust of wind blew off the pier in the Black sea with a baby stroller. The boy’s mother rushed into the water after him, and then example women followed indifferent guy – witness of the incident, reports the with reference to RBC.

About the incident told the Odessa Basil Bocharov on his page on the social network Facebook.

When all three got out of the water onto land, people immediately wrapped the baby in clothes that keep you warm. At that time the water temperature was a maximum of 5 degrees.

Also, a man posted a video that shows the overturned stroller in cold water. To get it, no one wanted.

Busarov was vacationing on the beach and noticed a commotion at the pier. One of the guys quickly undressed and dived into the sea.

“After half a minute to the pier pick up a woman in dark clothes. Alive. Dripping with her water. A few more seconds. On the pier a child. Then the guy who jumped,” he said.

According to Basil, if not the guy, we could all end with a double tragedy.

“The situation is simple and ridiculous. Be careful. Do not lose vigilance. And a special thank you to the guy. Health to you, man. Thank you for your big heart,” he added.

В Одессе ветер сбросил в море коляску с ребенком


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