In Palavas-les-Flots, Eric Zemmour hits on a “technocratic and normative” Europe

In Palavas-les-Flots, Eric Zemmour hits on a “technocratic and normative” Europe

Eric Zemmour in front of a crowd of fans at the Blue Room in Palavas-les-Flots. Free Midi – GIACOMO ITALIANO

The staff of Reconquête!, campaigning for the European elections, stopped at Palavas-les-Flots (Hérault). Despite the absence of the head of the list Marion Maréchal, the Blue Room reserved the warmest welcome for Eric Zemmour and his party lieutenants.

Reconquest! was a huge hit this Saturday, April 6 at the Blue Room in Palavas-les-Flots. 1,500 people came to applaud the staff of the party founded by Eric Zemmour in 2021 with a view to the presidential election. This time it is for the European elections on June 9 that the president of the party is campaigning. A meeting in an overheated room but without the head of the list Marion Maréchal. The latter appeared in a clip where she sets herself up as the sole and true protector of the French in the face of a normative Europe.

While some evoke dissensions between the head of the list and the president of the party on the strategy to adopt vis-à-vis the RN, others think on the contrary that they share the responsibility ;try to be stronger: her, yesterday, near Lyon; him today in Palavas. Very distant considerations in the minds of the activists delighted to applaud wholeheartedly the"four musketeers of civilizational defense" as Nicole Mina, departmental coordinator of Reconquest, designates them! Stanislas Rigault, president of Génération Z, senator Stéphane Ravier and MEP Nicolas Bay take the stage before the arrival of Eric Zemmour.  

"You are the strength of our party"

All recall the importance of activists and the 2.5 million votes obtained in the presidential election to snowball. "You are the strength of our party", enthuses Nicolas Bay, convinced that the 90 days of campaigning will be used to "convince a family member or work colleague". Stéphane Ravier shares his pride at having been condemned for having had a crèche blessed by a priest in his Bouches-du-Rhône town hall before denouncing "the great replacement and ;#39;Islamization". Two ideological pillars of Reconquest!

Skillful orator, Eric Zemmour tells the story of this farmer or this small boss crushed by "l&#39 ;obsession with the norms of a technocratic Europe" where "each citizen is its prey and which subsidizes everything that is of no use& ;quot;. He ends his speech by urging his audience not to cast the wrong ballot. "With Marion and the Reconquest team in the European Parliament, we will prevent the little tyrants from tormenting our workers. We will prevent technocrats from squandering your money among all the welfare recipients of the world." The room, covered with tricolor flags, exults.  ; 

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