In Palestine was fulfilled the prophecy, heralding the end of the world

В Палестине сбылось пророчество, предвещающее конец света

Ancient oak collapsed after several thousand years of existence.

Believers with anxiety and even fear to report that, obviously, sold one of the prophecies about the end of the world, reports the with reference to Esoreiter

The fact is that Palestine fell a legendary oak of Mamre, also known as the Oak of Abraham. The old Testament age of the tree was estimated at 5,000 years.

If you believe the Bible, it is in the canopy of this evergreen oak, the founder and spiritual ancestor of many Nations Abraham met with the Holy Trinity. The sacred tree is depicted in many icons and religious murals. According to an ancient prophecy, the death of the silent witness the meeting of Abraham with God is a sign of the beginning of the Apocalypse.

Christians sounding the alarm about a sacred tree since 1996, when the oak of Mamre was officially declared dead. But, despite the fact that the tree then withered away, it continued to stand in place, and many believers thought that the end of the world will be delayed until until the relic drops on the ground.

Meanwhile, a few years ago, the situation has changed even more optimistic: from the roots of an oak tree sprouted two new branches. This gave rise to rumors that the world will still be pardoned and saved. Currently, the specialists released the young shoots from dead tree to a falling Oak tree of Abraham did not hinder the growth of their offspring.

How this will help to avoid the prophecy, nobody knows, but, most importantly, teaches us that the Christian Church, to believe in the best: in the faith and this we will…

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