[IN PHOTOS] A hunter drowns in the St. Lawrence

[IN PHOTOS] A hunter is drowning in the St. Lawrence

MISE & Agrave; DAY

After two accidents on water and ice this weekend, the Lifesaving Society is reiterating safety measures as the cold season approaches. & nbsp;

“It easily takes us five to ten days of cold nights of -10 degrees and less before we think there is a thickness of ice that has just formed”, indicates the director general of the organization Raynald Hawkins. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Firefighters from Sainte-Croix and officers from the Sûreté du Québec after recovering the body of the hunter who drowned in the river.

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Quebecers should not rely on the date to be safe. In some regions of Quebec, the mercury is not low enough to allow activities on the ice.


Remember that two accidents on water and ice occurred this weekend. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Saturday after -midday, a snowmobiler almost drowned in Lake David in Chibougamau after the too thin ice shattered.

It was his floating suit that brought him to the surface of freezing water, before he was rescued. & nbsp;

On Sunday morning, a missing hunter near Sainte-Croix was found lifeless in the river, hours after falling from his boat.

The man was wearing his life jacket, but the water was very cold. & nbsp;

Safety advice & nbsp;

Since the beginning of the year, 78 deaths have occurred on the water, which is very close to the annual average of 80. Last year on this date, the Lifesaving Society had 94 deaths.

& nbsp; & nbsp;

& nbsp; “& nbsp; The more people I have who are going to want to do activities in Quebec on water, in water or near water, the more they will increase the probabilities. Especially if they don't follow safety advice, “says Hawkins. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

To prevent accidents, the manager first advises “Check with local authorities if they've done ice thickness measurements.”

It could be the snowmobile and ATV club in their area, for example. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Quebecers can also consult the organization's website to see the ice thickness chart depending on the activity. With snowmobiles in particular, we recommend 12 to 15 centimeters. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

For fishermen or hunters on board boats, the life jacket is “& nbsp;” hyper important & nbsp; “.

It protects the circulatory and respiratory systems in addition to reducing the risk of drowning after the” heat shock “.

—With the collaboration of Jérémy Bernier

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