[IN PICTURES] A big surprise for her 101-year-old

[EN IMAGES] Une surprise de taille pour ses 101 ans

Hospitalized at the general Hospital of Quebec, Germaine Falardeau-Mills has had a bit of a surprise, Saturday morning, on the occasion of her 101e birthday.

His family had rented a platform lift to be able to wish him “happy birthday” in person.

Ms. Falardeau-Mills is located at the 3rd floor of the general Hospital of Quebec for a year, one of the places most affected by the coronavirus in the Old Capital. Fortunately, it has not been reached.

Even as a relative caregiver, her daughter, Nancy Mills would not have been able to go visit before the 24th of June, and nothing was less certain because of the health crisis. The platforms of window cleaners have inspired to find a solution to see his mother.

“It is important for us to be present as best as we can. It’s been many weeks that she is here without a visit. Yes, you are talking to him on the phone, but it takes some of the human warmth,” said her grandson, Matthew Pettigrew in an interview with TVA News.

In turn, the 18 members of his extended family were able to go up and greet her. All hidden, they were not able to squeeze her in their arms because of the health rules, but they were able to share precious moments in his company.

His granddaughter Emily Pettigrew has even taken the opportunity to sing a song she had composed in her honor. “I will always love you, day or night. And as long as I live, thou shalt be my great-grandmother adored”, sang the young woman.

Their initiative has amazed the staff of the general Hospital of Quebec, and gave some ideas to other families who might imitate them in the coming weeks.

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