[IN PICTURES] A gym in Quebec defies the government and reopens its doors

[EN IMAGES] Un gym de Québec défie le gouvernement et rouvre ses portes

The Mega Fitness Gym in Quebec city couldn’t wait.

Tuesday morning, the school has opened its doors to its members and contravenes the guidelines of the public health in time of pandemic.

“I decided to open because the gyms have been forgotten by the government,” says the owner of the gym, Daniel Marino.

About fifty people were able to take advantage of the reopening of the establishment as early as 5: 30am Tuesday morning.

“It’s been 25 years that I’m open and it’s been 25 years that it is super clean and it’s been years that we have bottles to disinfect the machines,” said Mr. Marino, in an interview with TVA News.

The latter does not understand why the reopening of the halls of training has not been announced by Quebec, while the government allowed Monday rallies interiors of 50 people as of June 22.

On Tuesday, the director of Quebec public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda, has ensured that ads will soon take place regarding the fitness centers and ask the customers and the owners to remain patient.

Daniel Marino is well aware that he exposes himself to a statement of offence for defying the rules of the public health, but the owner of the Mega Fitness Gym does not feel guilt for the same.

“What is worse? Receive a statement of offence or bankruptcy? You lose money every day. I don’t put my customers in danger at this time,” said Mr. Marino.

The owner mentions in passing the good physical shape, good hygiene of life of its clients and the respect of safety instructions usual as an argument in this sense.

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