[IN PICTURES] A new show eclectic to Ludovick Bourgeois

[EN IMAGES] Un nouveau spectacle éclectique pour Ludovick Bourgeois

With his own hits, those of BB and occasions of the years 2000 that it was listened to with a certain guilty pleasure, Ludovick Bourgeois has not worked hard to earn the horns blows, on Thursday evening, before an audience of cars to the bay of Beauport.

Ludovick Bourgeois was the scene Thursday, as part of the tour, TD musiparc, after “four months on the couch”, he confessed.

Despite the mood of shy, and a quarantine of cars on-site, the singer has advanced on the stage with three musicians, all smiling and amused by this unusual concept.

Moreover, the evening has brought a lot of situation comical. It was, of course, right at the concert of horns that beats the rhythm, in unison, of his play The Desert Song. But the alarm system of a car between two songs and that is unstoppable, it can not be invented.

“I was skeptical at the idea of doing these shows. But you look so well,” said the former winner of The Voice, delighted, thanking the audience repeatedly for their presence.

Ludovick Bourgeois has followed up with energy the pieces of a show for the less eclectic, which he designed exclusively for her tour of the musi-parks.

A wind of nostalgia

Between the parts of his two albums, including several successful radio stations, Ludovick Bourgeois has had the desire to pass on her love of the music of the years 2000, to him who is born at the beginning of the 1990s.

It is as well that it has slipped out of amazing times in his program, such as Baby One More Time (Britney Spears), Complicated (Avril Lavigne) and I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys). It is at these moments that one is happy to be in the car: you can sing loudly without bothering anyone, and without even remembering the exact words!

Other times were less surprising, and even expected: those of the BB. Does Ludovick Bourgeois could one day allow us to deprive him of his medley dedicated to the group of his father? Every time he goes on stage, the songs of the BB make it fly and last night was no exception.

After a first half of the show more difficult to make up, this are the Give me my chance, be careful , and Why you’re in the moon , which actually does get people out of their car to dance. There was something beautiful and touching to see all the hands outputs of the cars, to clinch the cell, for You will never know, delivered last.

More rock than pop

Ludovick Bourgeois has been rubbing shoulders with this series of times with parts of his own albums, the most recent of which was published in February.

In the show, Ludovick Bourgeois brings out a more rock than pop and it is very good as well. The performances in front of the cars need to infuse a lot of energy to get through the “fourth wall” (a windshield, in this case), and connect with the audience.

That said, Ludovick Bourgeois has well managed its first appearance on a stage post-pandemic, Thursday. “I appreciate so much the time”, he said, the hand on the heart, before leaving the crowd.


  • The tour TD musiparc continues tonight in Quebec city with Blue Jeans Blue, Mirabel with Cain, in Gatineau with The Lost Fingers, to Bromont with France D’amour and Mercier with 2 Brothers.
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