[IN PICTURES] A voluminous dress obstructs the view of spectators at the Oscars

[IN PICTURES] Bulky dress obstructs view of onlookers at Oscars


The Oscars evening is the perfect occasion to show off your best dresses and parade in front of all the Hollywood elite. 

However, it was the Nigerian singer Tems who turned heads . 

Wearing a gorgeous, albeit voluminous, white gown, the singer grabbed attention at the ceremony on Sunday evening. 

The dress, which many have compared it to a flower or a cloud, draped over her shoulders and up over her head. 

Unfortunately, it was when sitting down for the ceremony that the dress some distractions. 

Indeed, people seated behind the singer had difficulty watching the ceremony unfolding in front of them. 

In fact, at some points during the evening, it was possible to see during the television broadcast people trying to look over the shoulder of the singer. 

Several Internet users also pointed out that they were distracted by the Tems outfit, but above all that they were shocked that he was allowed to wear this outfit in front of several guests.&nbsp ;