[IN PICTURES] Anti-vaccine demonstration in front of Sainte-Justine Hospital: 17 violation reports issued

[IN IMAGES] Anti-vaccine demonstration in front of the Sainte-Justine hospital: 17 findings ; offenses & oacute; set

MISE & Agrave; DAY

Anti-vaccine activist François Amalega was waiting for “thousands of people” in front of Sainte-Justine Hospital in Montreal to demonstrate against the administration of the vaccine to children aged 5 to 11.

Once again, his initiative turned out to be a dismal failure, when only 20 of his followers responded.

In total, the police issued 17 tickets $ 1,500 to demonstrators on site. However, no arrests were made.

You should know that by appearing in front of Sainte-Justine Hospital, the protesters were contravening the government decree prohibiting demonstrations within 50 meters of schools and hospitals.

Very quickly, the police notified people present that if they did not leave the premises immediately, they would be issued with an offense report.

Some of them complied, but others preferred to disobey by remaining in place, including François Amalega.

“Me, I will wait for my ticket,” Amalega told her faithful companions.

For some opponents of health measures, receiving a ticket seemed to be fun.

One of them, who recently boasted on social networks of wanting to accumulate as many tickets as possible, has also joined the group that was sidelined by the police for the sole purpose of receiving his fine of $ 1,500.

“[The tickets], it's just paper for us! ”he would say to anyone who would listen.

While the police were busy identifying all the offenders and distributing them tickets, a laboratory technician from the hospital stepped outside to share her thoughts on the group led by François Amalega.

“What you are doing is unacceptable. There are children here who have just had the operation and are looking at you. It's totally disrespectful of you, you don't have your place here, ”thundered the health worker, leaving the demonstrators speechless.

Since the start of the pandemic, the activist François Amalega has been arrested several times and received over $ 60,000 in tickets.

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