[IN PICTURES] The heat feels good to the soul

[EN IMAGES] La chaleur fait du bien à l’âme

Quebecers were many to be found outside yesterday to shop or take a dip because of the heat wave, which is expected to intensify today.

Everywhere in the south, the centre or the west of Quebec, it should be close in temperature records that are listed in the month of may, or even beat them.

“With a 32,7 °C [yesterday], it is the second warmest temperature recorded for the month of may, in Montreal. The record low was 34.7 °C in 2010. And [today], it might well beat that record,” explains Anne-Sophie Colombani, meteorologist at the weather network.

Of the records of the felt temperature could also be beaten today, ” she said. In Montreal, it rises to 40 °C.




Access to the water games

The heat wave has forced the opening of some water games in Montreal in order to allow families to cool off.

“I am really glad that it has opened. Just arrived, my little boy jumped into the water ! It feels good and we also, launched Ana Maria, with her little Elia, 5 years. It is actually a relief. ”

The public health authorities and the City are working to consider other options so that people can have access to areas of freshness, such as arenas, where the distancing physics will still be possible.

The people positive to the COVID-19, but without access to air conditioning, will be able to get out to the outside of an exceptional way to cool off. They will, however, wear a mask, wash hands and do not approach the other, indicated yesterday the Dr. Mylène Drouin, regional director of public health of Montreal.

“We don’t want someone to take a more important risk related to the heat,” said Mylène Drouin.

– Antoine Lacroix and Clara Loiseau

Bathers in a hurry to jump

Joanie Constantineau, Isabelle Prud’homme, Juliette Marinelli-Côté and Camille Desrochers-Moreau took advantage of the urban beach of Verdun, yesterday.

Montrealers and people from the North Shore, did not wait for the opening of the beaches to get there to cool off, yesterday.

“This is the first time we see the four since the start of the containment “, has launched Juliette Marinelli-Côté, to the urban beach of Verdun, where swimming is not even supervised.

She and her friends did not have air conditioning in their homes. They were with the opportunity to scoop a ticket. “This is not worse than being in a park,” added the student, UQAM, surrounded by some fifty bathers.

In Laval, one in twenty people have benefited from the bank to the Four-Winds. The most brave are bathed in the cold water of the river of the Thousand Islands, even if swimming is prohibited there.

– Jonathan Tremblay and Cédérick Caron

Shops busy

The customers of Club Fabrics, Saint-Hubert, had to wait an hour yesterday.

Despite the extreme heat, consumers have continued to make the queue in front of several businesses in the greater Montreal area.

This is the case of Colette Beaulé, who has waited over an hour before being able to enter in Club Fabrics, Saint-Hubert.

She was not leaving her home since mid-march. She waited with impatience the opening of this store, yesterday, and the heatwave has not discouraged to go there.

“It was a delight to get out and drive my car. I here buys fabric to make clothing. It is a real passion for me ! ” she says.

– Erika Aubin

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