[IN PICTURES] The intense heat settles on the city

[EN IMAGES] La chaleur intense s’installe sur la métropole

The metropolis had of air of the month of July in this may 26, when the heat wave moved to Montreal on Tuesday.

Jogging, cycling, sunbathing in the parks, the hot sun began to weigh down very early in the morning, with a sky completely free of cloud.

The surfers of the wave, eternal, located on the St. Lawrence river behind Habitat 67 has gave to heart joy. Despite the summer temperatures, there was no question of removing the “wetsuit” because of the water temperature is still cold.

The thermometer was at 31 degrees Celsius to 15h in the afternoon, not to mention the humidex, which gives a feeling of 36 degrees Celsius.

The severe thunderstorm warnings were triggered at Three-Rivers and Quebec city.



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