[IN PICTURES] The milky Way shines above the ruins of Ariha in Syria

[EN IMAGES] La Voie lactée brille au-dessus des ruines d’Ariha en Syrie

In Syria the war, that a white band has a constellation in the night sky above the ruins of the deserted town of Ariha, which was devastated by the violence.

The appearance Saturday before the dawn of the milky Way, rare phenomenon which occurs most commonly in the summer sky without the moon, has created a striking contrast between the sky and the earth, immortalized by a photographer of the AFP through photos long exposure.

Under this broad cloud of stars, the skeletons of buildings, the rubble, the facades and roofs ripped seem all the more appalling.

The city, perched in a mountainous region of the province of Idleb called ” Jabal al-Arba’in “, has long been a tourist site popular in Syria. Pine trees, hotels, restaurants: the sweetness of life that reigned there formerly attracted many visitors.

Today, deserted, it has been the subject in the beginning of the year, like other local areas and surrounding towns, a large offensive of the syrian regime, supported by the Russian aviation, to take it to the jihadists of the group-Hayat al-Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), ex-branch of the syrian Al-Qaeda) and secure a highway strategic (M4), pushing its nearly 70 000 people to flee en masse to safer areas.

But the city, which was ravaged, remained in the hands of HTS, and the nightmare seems not to be finished.

More than nine years after the beginning of the war, Ariha and the region of Idleb, the last bastion of the jihadist and rebel beyond the power of Damascus, remain in the crosshairs of the regime in spite of a fragile ceasefire came into force in march.

The conflict in Syria, triggered in 2011 by the suppression of demonstrations pro-democracy by Damascus, has already made more than 380 000 dead (including more than 115 000 civilians), and pushed to the leak of millions of people.

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