In Poland as a result of the accident killed Ukrainians

В Польше в результате ДТП погибли украинцы

Pedestrians walked on the wrong side of the road.

In Poland the accident occurred. A car hit a group of pedestrians, killing three Ukrainians.

The tragedy occurred in the region of lower Silesia in South-Western Poland on Saturday, March 23. The BMW flew in a group of 5 people in the settlement Breznik.

It is known that three people were killed: 18-year-old girl and two boys aged 24 and 25 years. They were all citizens of Ukraine.

The local police said that the pedestrian was walking on the wrong side of the road, and they weren’t wearing reflective elements. Also the police added that two other pedestrians, who managed to survive, were in a state of alcoholic intoxication. The BMW driver was sober.

We note that recently a resident of the Transcarpathian region was in a horrible accident in Germany. The treatment is very expensive. Native has already collected a certain amount, but this is not enough.


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