In Poland, the Ukrainian accused of murder fights

В Польше украинца обвиняют в драке с убийством

In the fight of Georgians were killed.In Poland, the citizen of Ukraine charged with involvement in a brawl using knives, causing the death of a citizen of Georgia, who was one of the participants of the fight. On Tuesday, March 26, the district Prosecutor in Betuwe Ryszard Shemanovski, reports the with reference to the UNN.

Fight with participation of citizens of Ukraine and Georgia, in which one person died and one was hospitalized, occurred in the night from Friday to Saturday in the village Glisno Great in Pomeranian Voivodeship in Northern Poland. The police then arrested three people.

“At this stage of the proceedings, the accused citizen of Ukraine. Two Georgians, who were detained in the case, after the interrogation as witnesses were released,” – said the Prosecutor Shemanovsky.

Ukrainians suspected of involvement in the fight using a dangerous subject, which resulted in the death of one of its participants, 25-year-old Georgian. For this crime faces up to 10 years in prison.

The Prosecutor’s office in Betuwe asked the court to temporarily arrest the suspect Ukrainians. Prosecutors also want to charge Georgians who were injured in the fight. However, while it is not possible to make a state of his health. According to doctors, the man is in a coma.


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