In Poltava condemned members of the “Right sector”: the reason

В Полтаве осудили членов "Правого сектора": названа причина

Participants of an organized group characterized by high level of organization.

In Poltava on March 18 condemned the three members of the regional branch of the “Right sector” for robbery, extortion and the enforcement of civil obligations of citizens.

As noted, criminals under the guise of “popular crime fighting” attacked inhabitants of Poltava region under the pretext of allegedly combating illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs, gambling, prostitution and the like, while having the purpose of self-enrichment by taking in cash, jewelry and other property of the victims.

It is noted that participants of an organized group characterized by high level of organization, roles and conspiracy, informing each other of imminent and committed crimes. For mobility in the preparation and committing of crimes, the organized group members used existing vehicles, mobile phones, camouflage means – masks, gloves.

Since the attacks of members of an organized group destroyed items bearing the traces of the crime and can be material evidence, in particular items of disguise. Organized criminal group stationed on the territory of Poltava, where lived the participants.

It is also reported that the criminal group in July-September 2015 committed five crimes. The entire band was in effect for one year from the time of exposure by law enforcement authorities.

A sentence of October district court of the city of Poltava, 18 March 2019 two malefactors sentenced to 9,5 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. The latter was svelano from punishment with test in accordance with article 75 of the criminal code.


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