In Portland, the movement against racism and the suppression federal do not weaken

À Portland, le mouvement contre le racisme et la répression fédérale ne faiblit pas

Portland | balloons at an event, this is not very common. But the two held by Devon Fredericksen in the streets of Portland, in the u.s. State of Oregon, are a sign of exasperation: together, they form the number 57, like 57 days of claims.

“I think it is crazy that it is already 57 days and that we are always pushing for more change,” she said to the AFP. How many days still” will he have to? lance-t-elle.

The largest city of Oregon, in the north-west of the country, is the scene of protests against institutionalized racism and police violence for nearly two months, since the death of the middle-aged black George Floyd under the knee of a white policeman in Minneapolis.

Today there are efforts of federal agents assigned by the chairperson Donald Trump to restore “order”, a controversial measure that has aroused the anger of the protesters and is seen by the local leaders.

The event of Thursday, usually peaceful, has ended, like many before it, by clashes between protesters and police in a cloud of tear gas.

The clashes began around midnight, even if the two parties were separated by a grid reinforced by barricades.

The protesters have referred to the federal court, became a target during the raising, launching of waste and fireworks over the grid, causing small fires.

The federal agents in the lattice have launched tear gas and stun grenades, after you have declared the gathering illegal.

Towards 01: 30, they left the area behind the grid, moving towards the protesters in the street.

Situation “atrocious”

The majority of the protesters began to beat the pavement at the end of may after the death of George Floyd to demand reforms and police accountability. Today, if many scan always “Black Lives Matter” (The life of Blacks account), they also shout “Feds go home” – “federal Agents, go home”.

“I never would have thought that I would have to be in the streets of my city to do it”, said one of them, Steve.

“I have the impression that it is to that of the military occupation full of a free city”, he adds.

Steve explains to be released Thursday to the times to protest against the federal agents, and because the death of George Floyd, he said, should scare everyone.

“The Black struggle for equality has always been (…). But the fact that it is recorded and broadcast, this really is starting to reach more people now, (the fact that) the situation is terrible”, he says.

“I think it is great that the message is in the process of moving, but it must have happened in the most tragic and the most terrifying that is. All the world should be terrified”.

At the beginning of July, the events in Portland, like the rest of the United States, had begun to wane.

But it was then that emerged from the information on the federal agents in camouflage, accused of summarily arrested demonstrators in the city before you take her to the edge of unmarked vehicles.

The mayor, a democrat from Portland, Ted Wheeler, has himself been sprayed with tear gas Wednesday night, when he had gone out to meet the protesters.

He talked about a ” disproportionate response of the federal agents “, and even ” urban warfare “.

The republican chairman Donald Trump, campaigning for his re-election, has announced that federal forces would be deployed in other cities of the country like Chicago to respond to an outbreak of crime, leading to an outcry, including in responsible democrats.

On Thursday, an official investigation has been opened by the ministry of Justice on the very controversial federal police officers in Portland.

Teal Lindseth, one of the speakers during the demonstrations, was glad to see the movement last.

“The first night, I remember being told: “it’s not going to continue, it is impossible that we could be as big as Martin Luther King'”, she explains.

But “we are in the process of becoming big. Portland is in the process of being recognised.”

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