In read mode: a fascinating fictionalized bio

In reading mode: a fascinating fictionalized bio


With this book, French writer Laurent Seksik brings to life three people who helped Franz Kafka become eternal.  

This is not the first time that Frenchman Laurent Seksik has attempted to tell the last moments of a famous writer. In 2010 it was those of Stefan Zweig (in The last days of Stefan Zweig), and we are now entitled to those of Franz Kafka, who died in June 1924 of fulminant tuberculous laryngitis.

We will thus go back nearly 100 years, to a a time when to cure this type of disease, there was only luck, fresh air, rest and glasses of milk drunk on the chain (we didn't quite understand why). A treatment that Kafka would undergo in 1921 at the Matliary sanatorium in the High Tatras mountains, where he would meet Robert Klopstock, who would become one of his closest friends.

Kafka's holy trinity

The interest of this novel is to introduce us to three people – including Klopstock – who played a key role in Kafka's life. Whether during his lifetime or afterwards. Because if it may seem incredible today, the author of The metamorphosiswas not very popular in its time and had not managed to get much published. Before he died, he had even requested that all of his unpublished manuscripts be burned. So, if he had been listened to and if these people had not been there, we would never have been able to read such major works as The trial or The castle .

A fictionalized biography that we loved very much.


Looking for a wealthy gentleman

If we liked all the parts of The Bridgerton Chronicle, we are very likely to like this pleasant novel which takes place in 1818. After the death of her parents, Kitty Talbot will have no other choice than to marry a good match if she wants to be able to save her four sisters from the ruin. Only problem? She won't have much time to find the rare pearl!

Find me

In this ninth installment of the series dedicated to the investigator D.D. Warren, an entire Boston family will be found massacred. All ? No ! Roxanna Baez, the eldest daughter, may still be alive. What we will only know if D.D. manages to find her… A thriller that does not revolutionize anything, but which entertains.

Promised Land – The art of producing your own seeds

After discovering that even experienced gardeners bought the seeds they were going to plant every year, the author embarked on the cultivation of seeds in order to be able to save all kinds of ancestral plants from oblivion. Today at the head of Terre Promise, a company producing organic seeds of rare or endangered vegetable varieties, she shares her knowledge so that we too can sow and harvest what we want.

Biology – The main concepts explained

With such an eloquent title, there is no mystery: this book demystifies in a simple and clear way everything related to the field of biology. Thanks to him, we will be able to learn more about photosynthesis, cell production, blood circulation, the action of hormones, germ theory, cloning, the concept of the molecular clock, mass extinctions or ecosystems. Exciting from start to finish.

Thrills guaranteed


Very quickly, we will learn that five women have been kidnapped by a twisted of the worst kind. The kind of twisted who likes to make his victims suffer in every way possible and imaginable until death ensues. Or almost, since thanks to the tenacity of a solitary cop, one of them will be found still alive… but in such a terrible state that in order not to shock anyone, we will refrain from entering here in detail. 

This brings us to point out in passing that you have to have strong enough nerves to appreciate this bloody thriller in a rather flat style – but effective! 

< p>A race against time

To return to the twisted, he will find an unstoppable way to attract the attention of the commissioner without delay Victor Venturi, France's most famous policeman: take a direct stab at one of his co-workers, the expert psychologist and criminologist Olivia Montalvert – whom everyone calls Menthe-à-l'eau. 

This is where the game will begin and where the needle of our stress meter will fall into the red. Because to save the four other women who are held somewhere by the twisted, Venturi and his team will only have two days…